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Portfolio: Country Home

An extensive refurbishment of this modest property and its gardens left the clients shocked at what was achieved.

The project started with one rooms and led to a full refurbishment. Initially the clients came to discuss soft furnishings for their bedroom. They were fully engaged with David and his ideas and made the decision there and then that this was going to be their forever home so why not spend the time to make it perfect for them.

The sitting room brief was to make an area of pure luxury – whilst still being usable with a multifunctional bespoke media wall. This media-wall doubles up as storage and shelving for particular art pieces.

Further through the house it was evident that there was a problem with with internal storage.

We took advantage of additional spaces that hadn’t already being utilized and added bespoke walk in wardrobes.A walk in wardrobe which was added to the Master bedroom matched the theme of the Master bedroom with bronzed antique mirror and black frame work.

The full room dedicated to the walk in wardrobe had shagreen panels and a much lighter frame work to match.

The study had to be multifunctional. Having used a guest bedroom for their wardrobe needs they were aware they needed an additional space for guests.

Fully bespoke cabinetry tailor made for the files, books and office equipment as well as a secret pull down double bed. All perfectly concealed behind beautiful walnut doors with shagreen panels and crystal handles.

The landscaping was a labour of love and a true triumph to David’s multifaceted talents. Prior to engaging in the project the garden was rubble and bear. A beautiful all year round garden was formed with patio area and room for the Grandchildren to run around on the lawn.