Luxury Media Fitment Furniture

There is a design trend afoot. Gone are the days of having to go to your local cinema and share it with other people to see a film. No longer do we huddle around an old TV at home. Now we bring the Cinema rooms to us! The latest is Interior Design is the Home Cinema Room where comfort and the cinema room experience hold hands and do a little jig. Entertainment rooms, TV Snugs, Home Cinema room’s, call them what you will, they are now the must have. Those extra rooms that have become redundant, are a bit dark, currently used as storage rooms - all perfect for a Home Cinema Rooms.

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So, what do put in a design for a Media Room? Good question, let us explain.

The media room furniture is so very important. This is not a sitting room. Whether you have a wall to cover, want a partial wall Luxury TV Unit or have room for a freestanding Bespoke TV Cabinet, all eyes are on where the TV is positioned and just having it on a bracket on the wall does not do this room justice.

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We take the design of the media room furniture rather seriously and like to make sure that the AV specialists work hand in glove with us on the design. Nobody wants a wrongly positioned subwoofer. We like to know how you will use the space, is this purely a cinema room – do you want the full movie experience with staged seating, full reclining cinema seats (seat below for details) and the full monty of AV, or is this a family room that needs to be more multifunctional with a comfier vibe, where Dad can watch sport with the boys on a Saturday and the kids can watch Frozen on Sunday afternoon. We are able to design to every one’s tastes.

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A piece of luxury media room furniture also needs to house all your AV goodies, as well as anything else you want on show, or in fact want to hide. Whilst the integrated bookcase with everything on show may be useful for some to get their hands on the right book, it may also be other people’s nightmare and they may well be more suited to a cleaner ‘everything behind doors’ look.

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Lighting! We cannot scream enough about lighting. Lighting is evolving very quickly now and is being well integrated with various smart home configurations such as that well known one that likes to occasionally laugh by herself. Alexa, we are talking about you. We have designed a lot of integrated luxury media room furniture lighting which work with your smart phone & tablets. You control what lighting comes on, when, with what brightness and colour. All seamlessly at a touch of a button that remembers your themes for next time.

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So, if you are looking for a unique luxury TV cabinet, a luxury TV unit all the way through to the full media room furniture & Cinema room installation with acoustic wall paneling, we would be able to design the TV media room for you.

We have access to some of the best cinema seating in the world as seen in many of the photos on this page and have both ranges available to view and play with at our York design office. the widely renowned Cosmopol